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"Unlike love affairs, friendship lasts forever."

I really was born to meet you.

my name is SKYE !! I really ♥love♥ cosplay & pretty laydeez & Evangelion & cats & meeting new people! so please don't hesitate to talk to me! ♥
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can’t hang right now
too busy crying over pictures of satsuki
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baszle: Unngngh please tell me kids on the slope ripped your fucking heart out like it did mine. Everyone needs to watch it it's so outrageously good

kids on the slope is in my top 5 favorite anime it’s so fuckin good & every time i watch it i just lay on the floor in the fetal position & cry about friendship.

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Anonymous: Skye may I ask how you made your Tharja body stocking? I have to make something similar for another costume with the stomach showing and all bodystockings online are either fishnet or have seam on the stomach. I managed to find sheer nylon spandex but all the tutorials I've been finding online are either for dolls or involve making a bodystocking out of tights for bellydancing.

well I made mine out of tights/pantyhose so I’m assuming that’s the same method you’re talking about for bellydancing. it’s 3 pairs - one for the arms, one for the legs, & one for the torso. the legs are sewn into a thong, the arms are sewn into the bra, and the torso is sewn to the thong AND the bra & the seam is up the back. I don’t know what character you need this for so you might have to do something a little different but that’s basically the gist.

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laisper: Your rant on SNK made me laugh really hard because I love Attack on Titan and I agreed with your rant 100% I'M CRYIINGINGIN

lmao thank you i’m glad!!! i’m just so taken aback by how OUTRAGEOUSLY in-depth some people go with the story & characters when it’s just so one-faceted & shallow lmfao though honestly 80% of the fandom material is AU bullshit so i guess there’s your answer

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