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"Unlike love affairs, friendship lasts forever."

I really was born to meet you.

my name is SKYE !! I really ♥love♥ cosplay & pretty laydeez & Evangelion & cats & meeting new people! so please don't hesitate to talk to me! ♥
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wisecraxx: Shinji, Meow, and Nicolas. C: <3

eeeeee thanks babe i feel these deep in my soul too ♥(人´◡`*)

Apr 24th
shslkpop: Lupin, Shinji, Ritsuko! uvu

AHHH yes good thank you I identify intensely with these characters eeeyyyy (▰ ´;ᗢ ;`▰ )♥♥

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Anonymous: Are you going to AX this year? If so, who are you planning to go as?

yeah I go to AX pretty much every year!! it’s my home con so it’s kinda dumb to miss it lol. I’m not sure about what I’ve wearing just yet besides Kill la Kill but I kinda wanna do some more Eva, & definitely some Lupin III because the new movies are comin’ out!!!!

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Satsukin for usopoop ^^
ahh there shoud be more but I don’t have my scanner :I
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Ça m’fait marrer.
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Name three characters you think of when you think of me.

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Dandy &amp; Meow @ Sakura-Con 2014

(▰ ´ ᗢ `▰ ) me &amp; my honey again eeeyyyyyyy